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Powder Coating

Our state of art powder coating process and large oven help ensure a quality product, every time.

Contract Manufacturing
Steel Sales

Steel, plate, pipe and flat bar, we carry a wide variety of steel to meet the demands of our customers. Delivery or pick-up available.

Speciality Designed Equipment

Pattern touch cutting, drilling and machining. We build everything from large scale industry equipment to small parts production.

Steel Fabrication

We specialize in custom and contract fabrication for local and national industry projects of any shape & size

Steel Racks & Carts

With our handy racks, towable line carts and stackable tote carts, we design and build solutions for industries of any size.

Our Clients

Large Production Runs

Looking to expand or replace your existing carts or racks? We specialize in large production runs to help you get your business on track, fast!

Towable Line & Spinner Carts

Our towable line and spinner carts are customizable to meet the demands of your business. Our carts are designed to allow  multiple cart connections.

Handy Racks

Designed to meet your company's needs. Fully customizable, our Handy Racks are the perfect part storage solution for your assembly line. 

We get to work with some great companies around the nation.


We custom design and engineer products to fit the needs of our clients.

Ideas, designs or prototypes. Our design team is dedicated to working with you to create your next project.

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