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Provide jobs that allow employees to develop and expand their God given talents while making a family supporting wage.

To manufacture superior products and offer superior service, at a competitive price.

To be aware that we are accountable to a Higher Power for our relationship with employees, customers, community, and country, and always conduct business with honesty, and integrity. This is fundamental and of utmost importance. ​​


“It came to me that the American soldiers in WW1 were known as “TheYanks,” and the name Yankee Steel came to mind.  As soon as I thought of it, I knew that it implied everything I wanted, and that it would be the name of my shop. I am still impressed with this name and very proud of what it says, and what it means.”

 - Dave Atlogic

Yankee Steel is a steel fabrication and manufacturing plant that was founded in 1986 by Dave Atlogic. Dave started working in the steel industry at the age of 23. He worked for a local steel business for nearly 20 years before they moved production. After the company announced that they would cease operations at the local plant where he worked, Dave decided to go into business for himself. Naming his new venture was important to him. He wanted to find a name that would reflect his dedication to the U.S.A. and keeping manufacturing jobs local.


Over the years Yankee Steel has grown and relocated three times. In 2016 we  moved to our present location and now have 20,000 sq. feet of floor space.  This includes a separate building dedicated to powder coat finishing, assembly, and shipping. Our main building is equipped with one five ton and one ten ton overhead crane, and has 30 foot eave height. We have a 250 ton x 10 foot brake press and a 3/8” x 10 foot shear, gas pattern torch with plasma, V-18 HYD MECH fully automatic band saw and a 7 ½ horsepower Clausing CNC bed mill and Enco lathe. Our welding shop is very well equipped and is capable of doing anything from one off repair and prototype work, to short or long run production jobs. Our goal is to be able to take a part or product from design to fabrication to powder coat and ship. We are capable of operating at any stage of this process from start to finish.  ​​


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